Training and Development

Mosaic provides training services for survivors of abuse to help build confidence and practice self care.

The following training courses are based on the principle of ‘healing the healer’ and are offered to clients and helping organisations/individuals:

  • 2 Day Assertiveness Skills
    This is a free, 2-day, community-based course focusing on issues of abuse and practicing assertive communication skills to improve challenging relationships.
  • Permaculture Skills
    This is a 2-day, community-based course where participants learn how to plant vegetables at home in different containers using methods that are inexpensive and eco-friendly. The workshop also covers compost-making, nutritional preparation of vegetables, pest control, and garden maintenance.
  • Assistant Chef Training
    Mosaic’s 11-week course covers food preparation techniques, preparing people for employment at hotels, restaurants, guest houses, etc. It is followed with a business skills course covering small business development and employment skills. The course is offered free of charge at our centre in Wynberg.
  • Counselling Skills Training
    This 4-week-long course focuses on basic lay counselling skills, with an emphasis on counselling survivors of abuse. Two days each week are spent training in the classroom, and the rest of the days are used for practice and assessment in a structured workplace environment.
  • Implementing a Court Support Project
    This 5-day course trains Domestic Violence Court NGO partnerships how to plan, implement, manage, and evaluate a joint project to support victims of violence who apply for Protection Orders.
  • Integrated Management of Domestic Violence
    This 4-day course trains health workers, SAPS, social workers, educators, and other community workers within a specific community how to integrate and manage domestic violence. The course is offered to interested stakeholders/role-players at request.
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
    This is a 2-day course for health and community workers focusing on relevant SRH policies, female and male anatomy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, cervical cancer, and unwanted pregnancies. Screening for gender-based and sexual violence is also covered.
  • Addressing Health Rights of Women
    A 3-day course teaching organisations in using a practical tool to explore the impact of an existing policy on women’s health rights in order to develop and improve policies.
  • Sexual Violence Training
  • Gender Based Violence and Men 2-day Workshop

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