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Combating abuse and gender-based violence

What we do

MOSAIC exists to empower women and girl survivors of domestic violence and abuse by creating enabling environments for them and supporting them through their healing process and ensuring that they become positive, and active drivers of change in their own lives.

Providing psycho-social support services is not enough, therefore our theory of change is holistic. Our theory of change is based on the assumption that violence and abuse against women and girls affect their life-cycle, in a way that is, mentally, physically and economically debilitating and thus affecting the way the survivor sees themselves, how they relate to others, and how they see their future.

Therefore, we focus on the individual survivor, intimate-partner/family relationships and the community in order to have an impact in these essential areas to ensure true empowerment.

MOSAIC creates an enabling environment within which this personal growth and development can take place, through our continuum of care model and Advocacy to ensure long-term change and by living our values

What is abuse and how can Mosaic help me?

Types of Abuse

Forms of domestic violence and how to differentiate between them.

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