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MOSAIC is grateful to all our partners that enable us to continue supporting survivors on their #Peaces2Peace journey.

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ALMA MAUVE is a clothing brand from The Netherlands and Spain that can be defined as sustainable and ethical. The brand works with small local workshops from Spain and uses a made-to-order model to reduce waste. This model also enables the brand to invest more time in craftsmanship, which, apart from the materials, leads to quality clothing. ALMA MAUVE believes in giving back to the community and supporting organizations that try to battle social and/or environmental issues. The brand identifies itself as feminist and also focuses on female empowerment and support. Celia Mather stated that, around the world, three quarters of the estimated 60-75 million people working in the textile, clothing and footwear industries are women and girls (Mather, C. ‘Garment Industry Supply Chains’ Women Working Worldwide, 2015). ALMA MAUVE believes that supporting ethical brands and having fast fashion companies better the working conditions and environment of their employees, could make a big change for a high percentage of women around the world. What better way to be a feminist fashionista than to support ethical brands?

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ALMA MAUVE believes in MOSAIC’s mission and wants to supports us by donating 10% of their net profits. All customers purchasing an item from ALMA MAUVE will automatically contribute towards MOSAIC and its vision to combat and end violence against women. Twice a year, all customers and subscribers to our newsletters will receive a report generated by MOSAIC and ALMA

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