Our Vision


To ensure that violence against women in all its forms
and manifestations is eradicated in our society.

Our Mission


MOSAIC works to prevent and reduce abuse and violence against women by providing services that seeks to empower women to claim their rights, access healing and various opportunity to actively participate fully in society.

As violence against women affects children too and mostly perpetrated by men, Mosaic offers holistic and integrated services to ensure a change of behaviour thereby achieving the vision to eradicate all forms of violence against women in our society.

Our Values


Equality: We commit to build a ‘beautiful Mosaic’ where we celebrate differences and ensure that all are treated fairly and there is no discrimination

Transparency: We consistently seek to communicate information and exchange ideas and thoughts which builds trust

Integrity: We will act ethically in all situations and consistently

Unity: We work in solidarity across staff, board members, members and beneficiaries

Service: We work with dedication  in delivering quality services to ensure that our vison and mission is achieved

Mosaic is a community based non-governmental (NGO) organisation that offers holistic and integrated programmes, aimed at preventing all forms of abuse and violence against women, providing high quality response services when incidences occur and supporting our clients through the process of healing and rebuilding their lives.

Abuse and Violence against women is deeply rooted and is at the core of rights’ violation on women and girls in South Africa. It is deeply systemic and rooted in communities, institutions and cultures. Our goal is to end gender-based violence, domestic abuse and violence in particular.

Mosaic creates an enabling environment through our holistic and integrated three pillar service model

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