Advocacy and Policy Development


A coalition of civil society organisations aiming to mobilise communities to take a stand against gender-based violence (GBV) and create public and political will to develop and implement a fully-costed, inclusive and multi-sectoral National Strategic Plan on Gender Based Violence in South Africa.

Gender-Based Violence is so deeply entrenched in South African society that no one organisation or person can tackle the problem, it is out control. It needs a systemic response and change in attitudes on all levels of society. MOSAIC  coordinates the Stop Gender Violence Campaign, which was created for the purpose of putting pressure on the government to act and make sure that the voices of those affected by gender-based violence are heard and taken into account!

The campaign is focused on four areas:

  • Provincial engagements with grassroot organisations and beneficiaries
  • Advocacy with media and communities
  • Research and policy work on civil society’s NSPGBV shadow framework
  • Engaging with the government to ensure uptake of the NSPGBV – a more comprehensive plan that addresses all forms of gender violence and not only violence against women.

The campaign has developed a Shadow Framework in which it recommends that the National Strategic Framework:

  • .Expand the definition of gender-based violence
  • Fill the gaps in implementing existing laws and policies
  • Improve and expand psycho-social services for survivors
  • Significantly increase investment in prevention, intervention, research and documentation

Establish robust accountability mechanisms and sufficient resources

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