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Social Support Services

Support and Healing

MOSAIC offers a holistic and integrated support and healing service to survivors of domestic violence and abuse, their children and partners. Our model of support and healing is aimed at empowering survivors to take charge of their own lives and become active, positive and thriving members of society who are capable of reaching their full potential.

Counselling and Support

We offer free basic and trauma counselling support services to survivors. We have qualified social workers and social auxilliary workers who support survivors and their families in healing and reclaiming control of their lives. We also have various support groups for survivors and those living with HIV/AIDS.

MOSAIC’s Social Services Programme incorporates a number of activities including:

  • Individual counselling sessions for victims of Domestic Violence;
  • Counselling for couples and families in need of emotional, psychological and social support and guidance to deal with specific relationship and domestic problems;
  • Public awareness and education about abuse and domestic violence;
  • Support groups focusing on abuse, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS;
  • Workshops about gender-based violence and related topics;
  • Youth and men’s programmes;
  • Legal and human rights education;
  • Extra services such as accompanying clients to police stations, interpreting, referring and assisting with conflict resolution, helping with food and clothing networking, lobbying and advocacy for human rights.


MOSAIC’s commitment to achieve its vision of ending all foms of abuse and violence against women and girls, can only be achieved if men, who are the main perpetrators stop the violence. An integrated and holistic approach that includes men and boys in the conversations and programmatic efforts is the only way to achieve an end to abuse and violence against women and girls. 

The Engaging Men and Boys programme has three focus areas:

1. Male Counselling

Trained social workers and social auxiliary workers provide one-on-one counselling for males as perpetrators in the context of intimate partner violence and abuse, to ensure that they are healed from the underlying causes of their abusive and violent behaviours where possible and refer those that need further interventions and support.

2. Cognitive-Behavioural Workshops

These workshops seeks to address men and boys as perpetrators, and provides educational information and skills to change behaviour patterns. This is a -Day course that works on the way individuals think, what informs their thinking and how to change that way of thinking so to prevent abusive and violent behaviour. Includes personal coping strategies.

3. Men as Carers

Male behaviours can only be fully changed by men working with other men to change behavioural norms, patterns and cultures that fuels abuse and violence against men. MOSAIC creates male support groups within communities and supports men to hold community dialogues and engage with one another, and include boys in the conversations.