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Empower to Survive

Our vision is create a society in which gender-based violence is eradicated. We want a society where women live freely from abuse and violence and are able to live their lives, have happy and thriving relationships, and raise their children happily and safely. To achieve this, MOSAIC has innovative training and empowerment programmes for survivors. MOSAIC also strives to change attitudes about gender norms, create a culture in which women and girls are respected as full human beings through training and advocacy.

Future Free of GBV

MOSAIC offers awareness raising and training workshops for children and youth 14-25 years.

The programme is aimed at empowering them to develop the understanding and skills necessary to challenge harmful social attitudes and norms that contribute to gender inequality, encourage abusive and violent behaviour.

Through the training workshops, youth are also empowered to be self-aware and know what their boundaries are. They are supported through safe environments to make healthy sexual reproductive health decisions and learn about their rights.

The Future Free of GBV also creates a platform for children and youth to create advocacy forums, with the support of adult social workers to raise issues and participate in various platforms and change attitudes. MOSAIC offers these services using developed models such Stepping Stones, She Conquers.


Woman With Women

Women with Woman is an initiative of connectedness and mentorship where established business women and community leaders from various backgrounds and sectors mentor women and young girls and women from disadvantaged background.

Mentors and mentees will be talking and sharing insights as they the walk and ride; discussing their professional challenges and successes to establish a mentoring relationship in which the established leader guides, advises, inspires and supports an emerging leader.

The conversation is holistic and integrated in including men in the empowerment of women and ensuring that they use their privileges to create opportunities for women to thrive.

It is about paying it forward and women supporting each other!

Earn to Survive

Economic empowerment is key for women to leave abusive and violent relationships. MOSAIC emphasises skills development and training for survivors so that they can access employment opportunities, create their own businesses and/or pursue further education and training. MOSAIC as an organisation and through partnerships offers the following training:


NQF Level 4 FETC: Counselling Training




Work Readiness Workshops (6-week course)


Hair, Nail & Beauty


Basic Business Skills


Arts and Crafts


Catering Skills Course (MOSAIC Kitchen)


Design, Cutting and Design